Recycled Footing and Wall Mix

American Concrete Products Recycled Concrete Footing and Wall Mix is a lower cost alternative to standard foundation mixes. Natural coarse aggregate is replaced with recycled concrete aggregate that performs as well or is superior to mixes that use virgin material.

Recycling concrete is a smart and environmentally conscious choice that saves resources.

Recycled concrete aggregate is produced onsite at American Concrete Products. We are able to produce recycled aggregate more efficiently than natural aggregates and are able to pass the savings on to the customer.

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FAQs About Recycled Aggregates

Q: What are recycled aggregates?
A:  Recycled aggregates are produced from the crushing and sizing of used construction materials, such as concrete or masonry.

Q: Are these materials as good in concrete as natural aggregates?
A:  In many situations, recycled aggregates can produce concrete that is as strong as concrete made with natural aggregates. However, this will depend on the specified strength of the concrete, the source of the recycled aggregate, and the mix design of the concrete.

Q: What about concrete durability?

A:  Concrete containing recycled aggregates can provide the same level of durability as regular concrete as long as the concrete is not directly exposed to severe environments.

Q: Can I use recylced fine aggregates as well ascoarse aggregates?
A:  Experience has shown that fine recycled materials are difficult to use and significantly increase the water demand of concrete, leading to low strength concrete.

Q: How does the cost compare?
A:  Substitution of virgin aggregates by recycled aggregates can reduce the cost of the concrete by 5%-20% depending on the market.

Q: What are the benefits of using recycled aggregates in concrete?
A:  Environmental benefits which include reduction of landfill disposal space and the preservation of natural aggregate resources are a few of the ecological advantages. Recycled aggregates can be produced at a lower cost than natural coarse aggregate and that relates to a more cost effective choice for the consumer.

Q: Do you have a flatwork mix for driveways or sidewalks?
A:  At this time we do not have a recycled mix for flatwork. Concrete mixes that utilize recycled aggregates are suited more for low or medium strength applicatons like footings and walls.